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New Jersey veteran denied entry to Six Flags park over T-shirt supporting Marines receives apology

A New Jersey veteran who was denied entry into Six Flags Great Adventure because of his T-shirt supporting fellow Marines has reportedly received an apology from the park’s president.

Mario Alejandro, 33, whose shirt featuring an M-16 rifle and reading “Keep Calm and Return Fire” drew national attention and controversy after he wore it to the park with his wife and kids last week, told NJ.com that he received a phone call from the park’s president on Saturday.

The humbling call followed Alejandro’s public outrage over his treatment by the park’s security officials who deemed his T-shirt — which supports Recon Marines and their families — offensive.

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4 ways to reinvent your T-shirts

Free T-shirts may be the currency of college campuses, but they’ve still got some catching up to do in the real world. T-shirts can be snagged for free at races, festivals and events all summer. The Brewers’ All-Fan Giveaways games included six T-shirt giveaway days, including one this Friday.

But no matter the price, a baggy T-shirt is a baggy T-shirt — not exactly the cutest thing to wear out of the house. With a few simple modifications, though, you can turn your too-big tee into something more attractive and wearable. Here are four ways to reinvent your T-shirts.

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Some 1,500 Rednecks t-shirts were sold in the first week. (via Headline Shirts)

T-shirt company replaces Redskins with Rednecks

San Fransico-based T-shirt company Headline Shirts has taken full advantage of the Redskins name controversy by introducing a new line of shirts based on the team logo. But instead of a Native American, a redneck, complete with raccoon tail and mullet — is prominently featured.

(No idea if this violates trademark law, but if it does, and a judge does not overturn the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s ruling canceling the Redskins’ trademark registration, there’s nothing the team would be able to do about it.)

The image above has been a big hit on Facebook, imgur and Reddit. And according to the Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg, the shirt went through two reprintings in a week. Some 1,500 shirts were sold the the first week which, according to Jake Ginsky of Headline Shirts, “easily five times the average for the first week of a new shirt.”

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Organic cotton & recycled Polyester 30 singles Ring spun combed t-shirts!

Spectra USA has just added a 50% organic cotton & 50% recycled polyester t-shirt to their inventory styles. The t-shirts are available in 4 heather colors: Midnight Navy heather, Midnight Charcoal heather, Ocean Blue heather & Brick Red heather. The block is a men’s 30 singles side seam with a slimmer fit. In addition to the organic/recycle blend, the t-shirts are made with a 30 singles ring spun combed yarn, which enhances the luxurious hand feel.

At Spectra USA, we believe sustainable business is smart business! Therefore we are constantly striving to diminish our carbon footprint, the addition of this style is our entry point into the sustainable/recyclable market.

Our existing business model, already utilizes one of the shortest turn-times and shortest travel times/distances in our production process. 99% of our styles are knitted & dyed in California, then we cut & sew in Baja Mexico which is only 3 hours from our warehouse location in Chino California.

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Becky shirt Lollapalooza

These 14 Ridiculous T-Shirts Shut Down Lollapalooza

Chicago, IL — The second-most important job of anyone attending this weekend’s Lollapalooza festival in Chicago (besides dancing like everyone was looking) was picking out just the right outfit.

Sure, there were booty shorts and tank tops for days. But nothing said “I’m special” like a totally ridiculous message T-shirt. And so, we give your our 14 favorite ones from the weekend:

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Dolphins’ credo on T-shirts after bullying scandal

DAVIE, Fla. (AP) — The Miami Dolphins, rocked by a bullying scandal last season, are now wearing T-shirts bearing a credo of togetherness that was coined by the players.

One by one some of the members of the offense and defense removed their shoulder pads Wednesday and changed into the new gray shirt. On the back was a list of 10 sayings bordered by the words “I am a Miami Dolphin” that encompass their approach to the upcoming season.

Among the sayings that bring to mind last year’s scandal involving former offensive linemen Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin is this one. “If I see something — I will say something — I commit to call it as it is.”

Head coach Joe Philbin applauded the gesture made by his players.

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red sox mueller

Project Repat turns old T-shirts into quilts, targets $2M in revenue this year

The founders of Cambridge-based Project Repat have found a way to make a profit out of re-purposing the T-shirts that people keep stored in the back of their closets out of posterity, novelty or nostalgia.

The startup, which makes a range of quilts for customers out of their old T-shirts, is expecting more than $2 million in revenue this year, up from $1 million in 2013, saidNathan Rothstein, president of Project Repat.

The quilts are a “modern form of scrap-booking,” Rothstein said, and customers include former sorority or fraternity members, mothers whose children are graduating from high school or college, and those who have participated in athletic events such as road races.

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Custom Styles by Spectra USA!

Did you know besides the blank inventory we offer, that Spectra USA also runs many custom orders for our customers. See below for the FAQ on these custom styles: 1. What is the minimum? Answer: minimums depend on if you require the garment to be tubular or side seam. If side seam, the minimum is 1800 […]

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Washing T-shirts with salt doesn’t make them vintage

The best type of clothes are the kind that you feel great in, and super soft vintagey T-shirts will always be my favorite. It’s those T-shirts that never lose their shape, fit perfectly and come out of the wash feeling super soft and comfy.

I, like so many other Badgers, have an obscene amount of Badgers apparel. I have more Badgers T-shirts than I can fit in my closet so some of them live in plastic drawers in the back of my closet. I’ve always thought that I would wear more of my basically-unworn Badgers T-shirts if they were soft and comfy instead of super new, starchy and stiff. And that’s why the pin on Pinterest promising the vintage T-shirt feel with a couple washes was appealing.

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