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Guy Wears a Different Band T-Shirt for 1,000 Days in a Row. Why? Because He Could!

Isac Walter from Echo Park, Los Angeles, loves his band T-shirts so much that he wore nothing else for 1,000 days straight. Well, there were a few exceptions, but for more or less 1,000 consecutive days he wore the tees without repeating a single band. Walter also created a Tumblr project to document the process – it’s called ‘Minor Thread’.
The home page of the Minor Thread blog states: ‘Click through and you can see Isac’s torso several hundred times, each time draped with a bit of fan memorabilia. He only revealed what he looked like from the neck up after the project was completed.’ And after the project, he also took a photograph with each of the 1,000 T-shirts placed neatly on a photo studio wall, just to show people what 1,000 blog posts look like in reality. It actually took him four days to arrange all the shirts and take the picture.

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Two US students wear ‘Gay is not ok’ t-shirts on pro-gay school day

The seniors at Oregon City High School were told by administrative staff to remove their tops or turn them inside out, as other students found them offensive.

Other pupils of the school were celebrating the Day of Silence, a day where students take a silent vow in order to protest against homophobic bullying.

They said they did not care gay people found the t-shirts offensive, as ‘gays’ were offensive in their religion.

‘I’m not comfortable with you guys making a whole day about what you believe,’ one of the seniors told KATU.

‘So if you’re going to make a whole day out of it and not talk and a have a ‘moment of silence,’ then I can wear my t-shirt.’

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Is ‘Made in the USA’ Always the Most Sustainable Choice?

This is a question many of us have wondered about. Seeing how the local movement is so closely associated with sustainability, at least when it comes to food, does that same closer-is-better reasoning hold when it comes to other products, such as clothing?
For starters, Steve Sexton challenged the local food argument in Freakonomics, in a post that has drawn a lot of criticism from locavores, including this smart piece by Tom Philpot. But still, he lands a number of valid points including the economies of scale argument and the fact that some places are better for growing potatoes than others. But probably the most important point he makes is that there are other considerations besides how far a product is shipped when determining how sustainable it is.

When it comes to clothing, there are other considerations to keep in mind. For example, how long an item of clothing will last determines how many times it will need to be replaced in a person’s lifetime.

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1893 ‘Clothing of the Future’ Predictions Are Hilarious

Dateline: 1893. The subject: fashion of the 20th century. The place: the human imagination, where anything is possible. Did the visionaries of the Gilded Age correctly predict what people would be wearing in the centuries ahead? Nope! And it’s awesome.

The folks at Public Domain Review dug up a fashion preview from the January 1893 issue of The Strand magazine. Let’s go on a journey through the future as seen from a vantage point more than a hundred years in the past and thank our lucky stars that labels are pushing buttcheek pinching shorts rather than glorified witch hats.

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MLB Goes After T-Shirt Company That Works With No-Kill Shelters

MLB Goes After T-Shirt Company That Works With No-Kill Shelters

Arm The Animals is a small, self-styled “charitable clothing company.” They make T-shirts, sell them, and donate around 15 percent of the proceeds to small, no-kill animal shelters around Los Angeles. If you go to the website, you can buy a “Pup Fiction” shirt with dog-faced Jules and Vincent brandishing guns or a “Cat-At” shirt based on the walking snow tanks from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. For 10 days not so long ago, you could’ve bought a shirt with the above Doggers design on it. But not anymore, because Major League Baseball will go to the ends of the Earth to police its intellectual property.

The shirt was online and for sale for a week and a half before the Dodgers and Major League Baseball got wind of it and sent a cease-and-desist letter that claimed ATA had infringed on the Dodgers’ trademark through sale of “unlicensed apparel bearing marks confusingly similar to the Dodgers Marks.”

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Pentagon T-shirt Designs Raise Sexual Assault Awareness

In an effort to raise awareness of sexual assault in the military, all four branches organized the “Clothesline Project,” an activity at the Pentagon where members of the military could decorate a T-shirt to observe Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

The project’s goal is to “bear witness to survivors of rape and sexual assault. Help heal survivors and those who love them. Educate, document and raise awareness” via T-shirts.

The T-shirts will be displayed the week of April 14th in the Pentagon courtyard.

The Pentagon released a report last year estimating that sexual assault cases had increased by 35% since 2010. Since the release of the report the DoD and the White House have come out in strong support of reviewing what appears to be an epidemic within the ranks.

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Rejected in Iowa, ‘Girls’ Star Lena Dunham Still Gets a T-Shirt!

The controversy hasn’t quite died down since the University of Iowa recently declined a request by HBO to film parts of its “Girls” series on the campus. A Des Moines, Iowa, company well-known for its T-shirt designs is marking the occasion with commemorative shirts.

Raygun LLC, which makes clothing, coffee mugs, barware and other items emblazoned with humorous and often cutting messages, rolled out a new T-shirt with a sketch-style image of Lena Dunham, who plays “Girls” lead character Hannah Horvath. Her face is inside a circle with a line through it.

Text below the picture reads, “Iowa City: No “Girls” Allowed!”

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Man’s t-shirt sadly fitting as he gets arrested for drunk driving!

21-year-old Ross McMakin of Corvallis, Oregon had had too much to drink this past Sunday. His girlfriend, wishing to be responsible, told him that she would drive. However, her lack of experience of driving cars with manual transmissions prevented them from getting their move on, so they forgot about thewhole being responsible thing and McMakin got behind the wheel of the car. As KEZI 9 News reports, his t-shirt was all too fitting.

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Oso Much Hope: Action Sports Shop in Downtown Arlington Displays Washington Mudslide Support T-Shirts

“Oso Much Hope” printed on the Oso mudslide support t-shirts in downtown Arlington, Washington in the U.S. proves that people are still clinging to positive thoughts despite the devastation that hang above everyone’s head like thick black clouds.

Even if reports say that the weather is making it harder for the rescue teams to go through the debris and mud brought by the 600-foot hill that collapsed and washed out 47 homes in Oso, hope is still in the hearts of the people of the Washington state.

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