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Dolphins’ credo on T-shirts after bullying scandal

DAVIE, Fla. (AP) — The Miami Dolphins, rocked by a bullying scandal last season, are now wearing T-shirts bearing a credo of togetherness that was coined by the players.

One by one some of the members of the offense and defense removed their shoulder pads Wednesday and changed into the new gray shirt. On the back was a list of 10 sayings bordered by the words “I am a Miami Dolphin” that encompass their approach to the upcoming season.

Among the sayings that bring to mind last year’s scandal involving former offensive linemen Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin is this one. “If I see something — I will say something — I commit to call it as it is.”

Head coach Joe Philbin applauded the gesture made by his players.

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red sox mueller

Project Repat turns old T-shirts into quilts, targets $2M in revenue this year

The founders of Cambridge-based Project Repat have found a way to make a profit out of re-purposing the T-shirts that people keep stored in the back of their closets out of posterity, novelty or nostalgia.

The startup, which makes a range of quilts for customers out of their old T-shirts, is expecting more than $2 million in revenue this year, up from $1 million in 2013, saidNathan Rothstein, president of Project Repat.

The quilts are a “modern form of scrap-booking,” Rothstein said, and customers include former sorority or fraternity members, mothers whose children are graduating from high school or college, and those who have participated in athletic events such as road races.

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Custom Styles by Spectra USA!

Did you know besides the blank inventory we offer, that Spectra USA also runs many custom orders for our customers. See below for the FAQ on these custom styles: 1. What is the minimum? Answer: minimums depend on if you require the garment to be tubular or side seam. If side seam, the minimum is 1800 […]

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Washing T-shirts with salt doesn’t make them vintage

The best type of clothes are the kind that you feel great in, and super soft vintagey T-shirts will always be my favorite. It’s those T-shirts that never lose their shape, fit perfectly and come out of the wash feeling super soft and comfy.

I, like so many other Badgers, have an obscene amount of Badgers apparel. I have more Badgers T-shirts than I can fit in my closet so some of them live in plastic drawers in the back of my closet. I’ve always thought that I would wear more of my basically-unworn Badgers T-shirts if they were soft and comfy instead of super new, starchy and stiff. And that’s why the pin on Pinterest promising the vintage T-shirt feel with a couple washes was appealing.

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toronto tshirt

Is this the best Toronto T-shirt ever?

There’s a lot of stuff you have to learn when you move here – Pizzaiolo over Pizza Pizza, always; Dundas station to Queen station is not an acceptable distance to travel by subway; “the Danforth” is not a river (a real thing I thought once). The thing that really identifies you a local, though, is becoming so blase about the city in which you live, you stop caring about pronouncing it properly. The loss of the second “T” in Toronto is so widespread, you’re basically risking being discovered as an enemy agent if you don’t do it.

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Heat Fans are Mad

The Heat fans are mad, express it via t-shirt

Here in Cleveland we know all about expressing ourselves on t-shirts. We have a few very good designers including our personal favorites at GV Art. So, it’s not totally shocking that some of Miami’s talents would be used to make statements against LeBron James’ departure from the city. This one in particular came to my attention via @WayneEmbrysKids on Twitter.

I don’t know about polishing any crowns, but if a ring happens to show up in Cleveland at any point in the near future…

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Stars say it with T-shirts

One of our pet notions is that the ordinary T-shirt has evolved from being just a piece of clothing, and has become the modern-day equivalent of the “sandwich board” of yore, which was used to advertise restaurants, products and such.

This time, however, what T-shirts “advertise” aren’t just products and services, but—more creatively—slogans, advocacies, witty sayings, what the wearer thinks is important and should be visually shared with others—etc.!

Thus, some T-shirts and the messages printed or stenciled on them provide a sort of verbal and visual mural of personal and societal concerns, the stuff of which our shared existence is made of!

Since T-shirts can’t carry a lot of information without coming off as a verbal jumble, the people who think up the messages on them have to distill their thoughts and feelings into short, crisp and quotable bits or bytes, the better to get a clear and instant reaction—and response.

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If LeBron James returns to Cavaliers, a Cleveland company has T-shirts ready to go!

The Cleveland Cavaliers swung a three-way trade on Wednesday to open up some LeBron James-size salary cap space. Now, a Cleveland-based T-shirt company is getting ready to outfit those poor, downtrodden Clevelanders should James return after bolting for Miami in 2010.

On Tuesday, Fresh Tees owner Tony Madalone, who grew up just outside Cleveland and lives there now, wrote a blog post in which he says it’s time to move on.

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The Republican National Committee is celebrating former President George W. Bush

GOP selling ‘I Miss W’ T-shirts in honor of George W. Bush’s birthday

Absence apparently makes the GOP’s heart grow fonder.

The Republican National Committee has put on sale T-shirts celebrating former President George W. Bush’s tumultuous tenure in the White House.

The shirts, which sell for $27 each and were put on sale in honor of Bush’s 68th birthday Sunday, feature print that reads “I Miss W,” alongside a picture of the 43rd U.S. President.

Profits from the shirt, released more than six years after Bush left the Oval Office with the U.S. economy in shambles and amid dismal approval ratings, go to the RNC.

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