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Sexist Superhero T-Shirts Cause Controvery

Sexist Superhero T-Shirts Cause Controversy

This week, Thor, one of Marvel’s principal characters, became a woman. But while one aspect of the superhero universe is becoming more diverse, another is causing controversy. Recently, multiple T-shirts displaying blatantly sexist messages have surfaced and are sparking indignation across social media platforms.

Blogger PJ Curtis discovered a t-shirt in the junior’s section of Walmart that reads, “Training to be Batman’s wife,” in purple lettering with a pink Batman logo. “The idea that you should settle for being married to or sleeping with someone awesome instead of being the awesome person is insulting,” she wrote on her blog PJ Says. “This just happens to be aimed at a young girl. I resent the idea that she should “train” to be so Batman’s wife.” Another tee from DC Entertainment, which was spotted by Tumblr user DC Women Kicking Ass, shows Superman holding Wonder Woman in his arms with the caption, “Score! Superman does it again!”

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National Guard T-shirt

School Bans National Guard T-Shirts Because of 2nd Amendment Image

A National Guard recruiter was instructed to stop handing out promotional T-shirts at a New York high school after teachers complained that the shirts featured a soldier holding a weapon.

“A pointed gun is just not appropriate for a high school,” said Alan McCartney, interim superintendent of the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk School District.

Last Friday, a recruiter for the New York Army National Guard was on campus handing out promotional items, including a shirt with the logo of a silhouetted soldier aiming a rifle. The silhouette was framed by an American flag and the words “National Guard.”

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Student ordered to change ‘Virginity Rocks’ T-shirt

A junior high school made a teenager girl change out of a T-shirt at school this week because the school said it contained sexual content.

The T-shirt in question was a shirt that reads “Virginity Rocks” on the front.

“It is one of my favorite shirts,” said Chloe Rubiano, an 8th grader at Ramay Junior High in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Rubiano told 5NEWS she got the shirt at a Christian-based festival.

“I just really like the shirt because I was always raised that way,” Rubiano said. “I didn’t really think anyone would make a big deal out of it.”

Rubiano told 5NEWS she wore this shirt plenty of times in the past at former schools. However, staff members at Ramay said her shirt had sexual content on it, which would disrupt the classroom.

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Don’t Care – Surf Alternative

For Joe Huebner, the spirit of fun, which was one of the touchstones of the surf scene, is being ignored by a culture obsessed with competition.

“Kids used to say that ‘I ditched basketball practice to go surfing,’” Huebner said. “Now it is such a sport that it is basketball practice. The parents are involved.”

In reaction, he started a surf-friendly T-shirt brand called Don’t Care, and it has become a contender. Huebner placed it in selected doors at prominent Southern California surf shops such as Sun Diego, in Jack’s Surf Shop, in action-sports specialty chain Active, in Laguna Surf & Sport in Laguna Beach and in The Frog House Surf Shop in Newport Beach.

Don’t Care, headquartered in Costa Mesa, Calif., offers T-shirts, caps and hoodies, most bearing humorous sayings such as “In Memory of My Memory,” which is accompanied by a graphic of a beer can with wings on it. T-shirts are made out of 100 percent cotton, and most are blanks made by Spectra USA. The T-shirts retail for $20, and Huebner said that he hoped to keep his shirts popularly priced.

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Science Buddies

Soluble Science: Making Tie-Dye T-Shirts with Permanent Markers

Have you ever made a tie-dyed T-shirt? It can be a lot of fun to dye a shirt in bright colors with spiraling designs. In this science activity you will get to dye a T-shirt with your own colorful artwork using only permanent markers. Along the way, you’ll find out how solubility helps your drawings leave beautiful designs on the fabric.

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Source: Zazzle

What’s the worst piece of campaign swag ever? We have 6 nominees.

For those foolish enough to question the extent to which Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) would embrace his indictment and booking on charges of abuse of power, we can firmly and quickly provide an answer. Gov. Rick Perry plans to wring the brouhaha for every dollar it contains.

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New Jersey veteran denied entry to Six Flags park over T-shirt supporting Marines receives apology

A New Jersey veteran who was denied entry into Six Flags Great Adventure because of his T-shirt supporting fellow Marines has reportedly received an apology from the park’s president.

Mario Alejandro, 33, whose shirt featuring an M-16 rifle and reading “Keep Calm and Return Fire” drew national attention and controversy after he wore it to the park with his wife and kids last week, told NJ.com that he received a phone call from the park’s president on Saturday.

The humbling call followed Alejandro’s public outrage over his treatment by the park’s security officials who deemed his T-shirt — which supports Recon Marines and their families — offensive.

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4 ways to reinvent your T-shirts

Free T-shirts may be the currency of college campuses, but they’ve still got some catching up to do in the real world. T-shirts can be snagged for free at races, festivals and events all summer. The Brewers’ All-Fan Giveaways games included six T-shirt giveaway days, including one this Friday.

But no matter the price, a baggy T-shirt is a baggy T-shirt — not exactly the cutest thing to wear out of the house. With a few simple modifications, though, you can turn your too-big tee into something more attractive and wearable. Here are four ways to reinvent your T-shirts.

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Some 1,500 Rednecks t-shirts were sold in the first week. (via Headline Shirts)

T-shirt company replaces Redskins with Rednecks

San Fransico-based T-shirt company Headline Shirts has taken full advantage of the Redskins name controversy by introducing a new line of shirts based on the team logo. But instead of a Native American, a redneck, complete with raccoon tail and mullet — is prominently featured.

(No idea if this violates trademark law, but if it does, and a judge does not overturn the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s ruling canceling the Redskins’ trademark registration, there’s nothing the team would be able to do about it.)

The image above has been a big hit on Facebook, imgur and Reddit. And according to the Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg, the shirt went through two reprintings in a week. Some 1,500 shirts were sold the the first week which, according to Jake Ginsky of Headline Shirts, “easily five times the average for the first week of a new shirt.”

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Organic cotton & recycled Polyester 30 singles Ring spun combed t-shirts!

Spectra USA has just added a 50% organic cotton & 50% recycled polyester t-shirt to their inventory styles. The t-shirts are available in 4 heather colors: Midnight Navy heather, Midnight Charcoal heather, Ocean Blue heather & Brick Red heather. The block is a men’s 30 singles side seam with a slimmer fit. In addition to the organic/recycle blend, the t-shirts are made with a 30 singles ring spun combed yarn, which enhances the luxurious hand feel.

At Spectra USA, we believe sustainable business is smart business! Therefore we are constantly striving to diminish our carbon footprint, the addition of this style is our entry point into the sustainable/recyclable market.

Our existing business model, already utilizes one of the shortest turn-times and shortest travel times/distances in our production process. 99% of our styles are knitted & dyed in California, then we cut & sew in Baja Mexico which is only 3 hours from our warehouse location in Chino California.

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