SpectraTees manufactures premium quality blank T-shirts and activewear. We pride ourselves on our North American manufacturing base located in California, where we knit and dye all our raw textiles. Our expert engineers cut, sew and finish every Spectra premium garment in two vertically integrated production hubs in Baja, Ensenada.

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The Spectra Difference

North American Made

We are working hard to keep jobs in America and we strive to make garments with as few imported elements as possible. We use yarns made in the USA and our products are locally made in Los Angeles or in Baja, Ensenada

Quality is King

We pride ourselves on producing the finest quality garments in the industry. Spectratees makes the best fitting t-shirts money can buy by making luxurious, fashionable and long-lasting closet favorites.

SpectraSpun Softness

Our super-soft SpectraSpun cottons are ringspun, for the softest touch, great fit and long-lasting finish. The higher quality of our garments means they feel slightly denser to touch, softer on the skin, and last over time.

Tear Out Labels

We've designed all of our garments to carry the Spectra easy-tear label for effortless removal and re-branding. This allows our printers to rebrand quickly with the peace of mind you only get from Spectra apparel.

Custom Runs

We can create custom runs to suit all your t-shirt and action-wear needs. Our vertically integrated production line means true production agility you can leverage, and we have the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

An Artist's Canvas

Spectratees makes the deepest black and the brightest white t-shirts in the industry. Our vast spectrum of fabric colors is the finest blank textile canvas a garment printer can use to showcase their creativity on.

Excellence is Standard

The incredible effort and attention that we put into all our products reflects a distinctive quality you can see and touch. This excellence follows everything we do from our designs, to our service, to our connoisseur-class t-shirts.

Your Brand Resource

We are a one-stop fashion resource for all your t-shirt and garment printing needs. Our website is packed with news, technical assistance, and apparel knowledge to help you build your brand better, quicker, and smarter.

 Our Custom Program

Spectra’s flexible manufacturing process allows for incredible innovation in our production lines. We can customize any of our styles to your specific requirements and we pride ourselves on the quickest turnaround times in the industry. Please contact us to discuss how we can create a custom run just for you.

Spectra News

Where’s Your KISS T-shirt?

Just how relevant is your t-shirt? Shock rockers KISS think a t-shirt is pretty darned relevant after it was reported that a 2012 interview, showing them asking a journalist to remove his Iron Maiden t-shirt, went viral. The famous 70s band first insisted that he turn the Iron Maiden t-shirt inside out, and then simply got him a freshly minted…


The Feminist T-shirt of 2017

We already know how political the t-shirt can be. It transforms its wearer into a rolling billboard of political opinion, humor, rants, graphics and just about anything else we can cram into the space on the front of a blank tee. After a year of giddy of politics like 2017, the politics of t-shirts have by no means subsided, they…


Beyoncé’s Balenciaga T-Shirt

When you think air travel you probably think, scruffy t-shirt, sweats and comfy shoes. Anything really, which will you cozy as you squish into your seat in and pretend you are not trapped inside a steel tube next to hundreds of complete strangers hurtling through the stratosphere on your way to… wherever. The t-shirt is the staple in this air-ordeal…

Fashion Profile: Mexicool & Robby Vient Alcaraz

“It doesn’t have to be profound,” quips Robby Vient Alcaraz, the design powerhouse behind the Mexi/Cali lifestyle brand Mexicool, “But it’s got to be clever.” And clever it is with Robby’s often biting humor shining through a truly original and handsomely crafted range of sassy apparel and accessories, teasing us from the cultural intersection where tongue-in-cheek Mexican humor slams headfirst…

Grab Winter by the… Long Sleeve T-shirt

Are you looking for Fall and Winter options for your layered look? Sleeve it to SpectraUSA. The most under-rated garment in your closet is, without question, the long sleeve t-shirt. Given any summer day it’s probably not going to get a second look but come fall and winter this little wonder becomes the centerpiece for the perfect layered look and…

The Legend of Baron Raglan

Have you thanked your lucky starts for Field Marshal FitzRoy James Henry Somerset, the First Baron Raglan today? If you haven’t you probably should. Just stop whatever you are doing and take a moment, possibly even a knee if you feel it necessary. The debt of gratitude you owe him is enormous, the moment you take should be solemn yet…

Head-to-Head at the 2017 SGIA Expo: Anajet & Bi-Blend

The 2017 SIGA Expo is being held at the Ernest N. Morial Convention center in beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana. The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association or SIGA, is a global non-profit organization with the primary goal of assisting imaging professionals with the know-how and tools to succeed in their craft. Always a feature at these exhibitions, the knowledgeable team from Anajet…

3100 Cotton Perfection Profile

The SpectraTees 3100 Cotton Perfection is the ultimate in cotton t-shirt design, period. There is no room for improvement in any aspect of the garment and any claim to the contrary is an excursion into over-design, whimsy and Lilly-gilding. But there are a million different kinds of t-shirts out there, appealing to ever shape, size, taste and distraction one can…

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